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3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wall Decor

3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wall Decor

You are limited by your imagination when it comes to wall decor. If you visit any decor store, you can get many ideas to make your home lively. But before you spent money, use these tips for wall decor to start with.

I have got the best wall-paint done for my home but the empty walls aren’t looking good. What should I do?”-A Customer.

You are limited by your imagination when it comes to wall decor. If you visit any decor store, you can get many ideas to make your home lively. But before you spent money, use these tips for wall decor to start with:

Tip #1- Use a Wall Mounted Bell at the Door

You might have seen bells in the temples, churches,and places of religious significance. Different culture and societies around the world have different meaning and purposes for using bells. They are associated with mind and consciousness.

Skanda Purana’ says that the ringing of bells leads to removal of sins. Hanging bells have some scientific backing as well. When they ring, a vibration is created in the atmosphere which spreads in the air. It kills the insects which come across and makes the atmosphere clean and healthy.

When you are buying wall decor items for the home, including a cast iron wall mounted bell in the list. When your guests enter, a bell will not just give a good first impression, grab their attention,but will induce good feelings as well.

Elk Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bell

Image Source: The Decor Kart

Before you place the order look at the size, the material,and the nails it may need to be fixed at the door. Which color will look good? You need to consider the wall paint for that. Decor bells are unlike temple and church bells,so a Victorian bell will have a more decor appeal.

Tip #2- Share Memories with Collage Sets

You can use a collage set to share memories with your guests. For instance, newlyweds can showcase the finest moments of various ceremonies. They are good conversation starters, and your guests can’t resist asking you about these once they see them. Share the memories of your recent international sojourn with family on a collage set.  With the following considerations the collage set will look perfect:

Faux Leather Wall Collage Set of 6

Image Source: The Decor Kart

  • Hang the frame at the eye level which means five feet above the floor or above.
  • Use of contrast photos can look different but interesting. Try them!
  • Frames with different sizes make the collage more appealing.
  • Think beyond merely nailing the frames on to the wall. With some thought, you give them a rectangular or some other creative shape.
  • Choose the look wisely, for instance homely, family photos, art,etc.
  • Carefully pick the photos that you want to showcase. Better keep them together and then choose the best combination.
  • Nailing is the last thing! Before that, you should lay the frames on the ground and arrange them differently to see how they look. Else, you can also use the paper outlines of the pieces, tape them on the wall to check how the arrangement looks and then go with nailing.

Tip #3 - What About Single Framed Prints Instead?

Carefully picked framed print grabs the attention of your guests and make the wall full. The choices are aplenty when you start searching. But which one will be the best fit? Are there some features that you need to pay attention to before buying? Let’s take a look:

When you come across an array of prints, it is natural to get confused. Which one would be the best? Incongruity is a blunder when you are picking the image. You should look for harmony while choosing the print. What does this mean? Will you choose a ‘vintage tree’ for the wall when the paint on is blue and the overall theme is Oceanic? Even if you don’t have an underlying theme you should avoid choosing a print randomly. Pick something serene.

Framed Prints on Canvas

Source: The Decor Kart

Right Material gives durability

Canvas is the most popular for printing images. The heavier (indicated by GSM) the better and the inks used should also be good. Such a print is durable. If you have closely observed different canvas prints, you would have found that a few look better than others, there is no dullness, and the quality is better. The reason is the printing method.

Go Only For High-Quality Printing

‘Giclee’ printing means high-quality printing. The resolution of such a print is above 300 dots per inch which means there the details are sharp there are hardly any fragmentation which may occur with images. As mentioned above, the substrate or the material matters as well.  Pigment-based inks add to the life-span of the print. It means the print won’t fade and look dull even after years.

Choose right Size, Frame and Edges for Best Display

It matters and gives a smooth feeling when the frame is there on the wall. You can choose a contemporary or a royal looking one! An oversize framed print may not add any value, and smaller one may hardly be visible. Go with one that looks perfect and even maybe buying a pair instead of a single image.

Get the Best Wall Decor Products Now!

Your search for online wall decor items ends with The Decor Kart. You’ll find exotic decor products for wall decor here. Whether you need a wall mounted bell, collage sets, framed prints, or an oil painting, the choices are aplenty. And we make sure that the decor product you select arrives in a single piece. We deliver every order in the wooden package. However, if you are unsatisfied, we’ll give a return based on the return policy.

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