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How to Plan for Afternoon Tea Party?

How to Plan for Afternoon Tea Party?

Make no compromises to make the day special and memorable with these tips to kitchen decor. Order online kitchen decor items for the tea party at The Decor Cart!

Afternoon tea is refreshing and makes you active for the rest of the day. If you have been going out to have one, you will really be excited to know that it is easy to have a tea-party at home.

The best thing is that you don’t need a big reason to host one and the expenses you would be making on buying teas, teacups, teapots, and other decor accessories will last long after as well.

However, you need to care about the ambiance you create as it sets the tone of the party and that’s why decoration matters. The table around which you will serve your guests should go beyond mere good looks .Here are some kitchen decor ideas for the day:

1 - Table Covers

Even if you have an expensive table, you need a table cover. Ask why? You want the table to be a focal point and protect it against any spillovers.

Table Runners and Cloths

You can instantly add elegance to the table with unique table runners. The patterned table runners evoke interest in the table.

Then you can consider a blended (cotton/polyester) table cloth. It comes with the crispness of cotton and shine of polyester. Larger ones that hang about 3-5 inches over the edges are better than those which barely cover the top.Simple color (white/ivory) and the pattern are better. Blended clothes can be washed in the home against the expensive linen ones which need professional care.

Table Runner


However, if you have an exotic wooden table with great design, getting placemats would be the best. You can go for a vinyl or faux-leather one. Round one look perfect but square ones with better designs can’t be ignored.


2 - Centerpieces

They are the point of focus and fill the empty space on the table with decor you need.

Tea Lights

They are the perfect addition to the table because of the warm feeling they give. You can choose from the cast–iron one which is slightly expensive than their ceramic counterparts.

Tea Light


You can show your love for nature by keeping carefully chosen figurines at the center of the table.  Birds, animals, metal and ceramic, the choices are aplenty.

Table top Figurines


Lidded Jars

What about adding an element of royalty?  These royal looking cylindrical lidded jars are a perfect and cute addition.

Lidded Jars

Tea Ceramic Canisters

You can use the jars to keep, coffee sachets, tea bags,and sugar. Keep them at the center of the table. Let your guest help themselves with these on the tea table.

Tea Ceramic Canisters


3 # Serving Tea

Now that your tea table is partly arranged, it is time to turn your attention to the most critical decor item. Tea serve-ware is what you need next. You can get the complete tea sets or buy tea mugs and kettles separately.

Tea Sets

Buying tea set spares you from the trouble of buying the kettles first and then tea mugs separately. But before you buy one, consider the overall theme. For instance, you are back from African Safari and have invited friends on tea; this safari tea set will get the conversation going.

Tea Sets

Kettles and Tea Cups

But if you are a connoisseur and want to make that extra effort, you can consider buying tea mugs and kettles separately. Look for coherence in the color or design of kettle and mugs.

Ceramic Tea Kettle


4 - Satiating the Hunger

Want to serve light snacks with tea? You will need to buy plates, serving spoons as well.

Quarter Plates

You can use these to serve pastries, muffins, kurkure or something else.

Quarter Plates

Chip and Dip

But if you want to keep things light then serving chips may be the best idea. These chip and dips will be the best addition.

Chip and Dip

Compartmental Server

However, if you want to server namkeen, biscuits, chips, peanuts and more, then this multiple serve ware would be ideal.

Compartmental Server

5 - Hand Wipes

Once your guests are done with tea and snacks, they may want to clean their hands. For those in hurry to leave, the paper rolls are an easy way to wipe and move. When you buy kitchen decor items, add them to the list as well

The Cage Paper

The Cage Paper

Tissue Box

In the same way, the tissue box is also a good alternative and cheaper as well.

Tissue Box

Give an Immersive Experience

Play some soft background music. It may be classical, muzak or contemporary Bollywood music. You can also create a playlist which you and your special visitors enjoy and play it in the background. Make sure that the volume doesn’t mute the conversations.

Enjoy the Tea

You have done all the hard work for the party and now it is time to relax and enjoy what you have planned for. Hosting a tea party is a nice way to get together with your family and friends. Sip the teas and enjoy the conversation in a light environment at the tea table.

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Decor reflects your creativity and imagination and your choices of decor products will decide the ambiance. Make no compromises to make the day special and memorable with these tips to kitchen decor. Order online kitchen decor items for the tea party at The Decor Cart!


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