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The Art that is Shibori

The Art that is Shibori

Learn more about the Japanese resist-dyeing technique and how it is finding its way in home decor!
Shibori, its main colours and its relevance in Home Decor
    Shibori is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing on fabric. The technique creates mesmerising and unique patterns on the fabric. The foremost colour used in this technique is Indigo however red and purple has also been used.
    Shibori got mainstream success as the techniques to achieve the look aren’t difficult, and many people enjoy crafting such fabric and then use it for home decor. Shibori textiles and upholstery became a huge trend at a point in time and now we have introduced for the first time in India - ceramic kitchenware and serveware inspired by the Japanse Shibori art.
    • Ways to incorporate Shibori in your Home Decor

    Shibori involves twisting, binding, folding or wrapping fabric tightly before dyeing it with indigo resulting in beautifully detailed and richly coloured fabric that can be used in all kinds of home decor, from pillows, throw blankets and tea towels, to curtains, duvets and rugs. Shibori upholstery can be used on furniture and now Shibori serveware is also available.  Finally, framed shibori artworks can prove to be nice decor accents for your wall.

    shibori wall decor

    • Do's Dont's and Tips

    There are no specific rules in Home Decor. You should seek a decor space that defines your personality, at the end of the day you are the one who is going to spend the maximum time in your home. However, since the Shibori patterns are visually heavy - try and match them with neutral and plain accents.

    Using a Shibori Dinner Plate can be matched with a simple placemat and if you're using a Shibori tablecloth/placemat you can use a plain dinner plate. The simple idea is to create some contrast so that the best qualities of each accent or element can stand out.


    Add Shibori elements and create that perfect Boho Chic aura for your decor space!

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