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FAUX is the new FRESH : Why artificial flowers are replacing real flowers

FAUX is the new FRESH : Why artificial flowers are replacing real flowers

Did you know that faux flowers are the new fresh? Here are the top 5 benefits of artificial flowers and plants, read on to fall in LOVE!

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Top 5 Reasons to Love Artificial Flowers

1. Hassle Free

Faux flower arrangements come with all the pomp and glory of the fresh flowers, sans the hassle of regular maintenance and upkeep. Agreed, fresh flowers have their own charm, but the artificial flowers and plants of today come as close to real as can be.

You’re busy with your everyday life, from working to taking care of the kids. With a busy daily life, the last thing on your mind may be watering and keeping up on your plants. Faux flowers and plants offer such a hassle-free way to keep the beauty in your home. No watering, no sunlight, no need to buy new soil and pots as your plants grow bigger, and no attention at all!

2. Allergen Free

Have you spent a lifetime admiring flowers from a distance or suffered the sniffles because you thought it was the price you had to pay to enjoy a fresh bouquet?

Artificial flowers look like fresh stems but without the pollen or fragrance. It’s also a generous compliment to your guests that might suffer from allergies to flowers, as well.

3. Low Maintenance

Instead of having to run around to make sure that the flowers are watered and not wilting in the sunlight, you can take the back seat and enjoy. There’s no need to leave your plants with a neighbour whilst you go on vacation. Forgot to water your plants yesterday? That’s not a problem with them. Faux flower arrangments require no watering, no soil, and no sunlight. Artificial flowers are very low maintenance but still remain stunning.

4. Affordable

Artificial flowers are less costly than real flowers in the grand scheme of things, and they bring more worth to your dollar because you pay one price and walk away with companions that stay with you forever.

The Decor Kart offers a wide range of artificial flowers and plants that will rejuvenate the space they're kept at in your home. Browse through the collection here.

5. Home and Business Use

Faux’s are also perfect for keeping your office, hotel lobby, and restaurant bright and decorated. Nobody is left with the responsibility to keep up the care of fresh flowers, and there is no need to have to continuously replace them when they die.

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