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How to Give Living Room a Royal Touch?

How to Give Living Room a Royal Touch?

You don’t have to be a king to live a royal life these days! With palaces turning in to luxurious hotels, and ancient kingdoms, giving way to malls and steel and glass high-rises, royal life has found its new abode, your living room. Try these living room ideas for a royal home:
Contemporary or Vintage: you choose! Reading How to Give Living Room a Royal Touch? 5 minutes Next 5 Ways to Cosy up your Living Room

You don’t have to be a king to live a royal life these days! With palaces turning in to luxurious hotels, and ancient kingdoms, giving way to malls and steel and glass high-rises, royal life has found its new abode, your living room. Try these living room ideas for a royal home:


A sofa in the living room is common these days. What makes it uncommon? Add cushions and lots of them. But you have to be careful about the color. Whether to accentuate the color of walls or sofa or the contrast, it depends on the choice of other living room items. However the most preferred are red, dark-chocolate, or faux fur ones. It should be rich in softness and should be of high quality.

Cushions by The Decor Kart


A royal living room without a mirror is unimaginable. You might recall old movies in which the kingly abodes had a wall-mirror that was large and contained in golden edges giving a royal feel. Even if you don’t get that good a mirror, you can still make the living room look royal. The mirror should be large, must be of high quality, with hand-carved gold ornate frames to give your wall a royal look. 

Wall Decor Mirrors - The Decor Kart

Oil Paintings

These wall arts are a necessity for a royal looking wall. Choosing the right one will certainly require a lot of thought.

  • Take the measurement of the wall-space or the area. For a larger area, you will need larger painting. If it is disproportionate then you can think of other options.
  • Then you should pay attention to the color scheme of the room. It should complement the room. If it clashes with the sofa color that you may not be very happy about it. You can set the mood of the room with the choice of the colors.
  • For a royal room with vintage style, you can choose a contemporary painting to be different.
  • What should be the subject of the painting? It can be still life, natural scenery, wildlife, birds or something else. Carefully select pieces that are great conversation starters.

The painting is the center of attraction and you should buy something that you really like.  It may need some effort but it is worth the time spent.

Oil Painting - The Decor Kart


They are another great way to give the room a royal touch.Traditional medallion design wall sculptures can be a good choice. With its gold tone, the regal feel is naturally there.

Decorative Wall Sculptures - The Decor Kart

Then there are metallic sculptures.A morning star wall decor looks intriguing and makes the onlooker think twice. You can hang it along with other existing decor elements for a cohesive look.


Ceiling lights need to be chosen carefully to make the right impression. You may choose a chandelier or traditional close-to-ceiling fixture in your hallway to provide the basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Vintage style chandeliers that come with painted glass shade look really good. You can make the artwork come to life and illuminate it with halogen light from the track or adjustable recessed down-lighting. But the size of the foyer should be of the right size. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that the size proportions are correct. If you have a larger space, you will need a larger fixture.

Ceiling Hanging Lights - The Decor Kart

Then you can go for wall orbs. These armored lighting will surely give the wall a kingly look.  Choose appropriate lighting that can be controlled for better results.

Orbs - The Decor Kart

Carefully picked and aptly placed table lamps have their own impact. Before you get one, consider the height of the lamp, and the place where you want to keep it.  With so many styles available, you can get the best one. What about one with creamy shades and gold or silver base with scenery or floral image printed on it.

Table Lamps - The Decor Kart

Be imaginative with the light you want to use. LEDs or halogen or colored or traditional lighting is something that you can decide after considering the wall color of the other products.


Cast iron candleware was a norm, and if you get a chance to visit a museum, you will surely find one there. These days you can pick decor candleware to create the same effect. When you buy living room items, you can pick, taper candle holder for royal feel with a sleek metal base and glass holder. Then there are one with a crystal glass body and metal floral top, and when you keep one in the right place, you will surely create a royal ambiance.

Candleware by The Decor Kart

Clocks and Photo Frames

In one of the walls hang a clock with Roman numerals or keep one on the table. These were a part of any royal homes and they still carry the same appeal.

Designer Table Clock - The Decor Kart

Memories are forever, why not capture them in the regal frames? You can bring a touch of real elegance with these frames that come with Victorian style carvings for a regal touch to the memories.

Designer Photo Frames - The Decor Kart

Can You Still Wait To Have This?

Decorative Sink - The Decor Kart

Royal living is now affordable and you are just a few clicks away to add the right decor products. With the use of these decor tips for living room, you can get the best ones without having to spend hours searching.

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