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5 Ways to Cosy up your Living Room

5 Ways to Cosy up your Living Room

Isn’t it lovely to curl up with a book or watch your favourite Netflix series as you indulge in some self-care? Creating a comfortable little cocoon where you can spend time with yourself and also with friends and family is absolutely essential these days.

Your living room is one space in the entire home where you spend space watching TV shows, eating, celebrating, or simply relaxing. This makes it the perfect place to create a comfortable and comforting nook. Here are 5 different ways you can rejuvenate your living room to create a warm, serene and cosy ambience.

1. Light it Up  

Using wonderfully quirky yet gorgeous lights is always a great idea to give any space a fabulous uplift. You can try Fancy Ceiling Lights or  Ambient Lamps, each of them has its own unique way to add elegance to a space. Lights can go a long to bring an instant transformation to the overall look of the place. If you love grandeur and luxury, then the Opulence Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp is what you need. You can also go for other modern options like floor lamps which can create a wonderful ambience and up the cosiness quotient. 

2.Show off your style with Statement Chairs  

Choosing exquisite chairs for the living room that are both comfortable and look beautiful is a sure shot way to create a homey and cheerful environment. If you are somebody who hosts family get-togethers, then winged Armchairs are a perfect fit for all those joyous celebratory moments. You can maximise the comfort by adding your favourite cushions to create a wonderfully snug sitting arrangement for your guests. The best thing about statement chairs is that they can be placed at different locations in your house to mix and match several décor themes. Smart right? 

3. Get all artistic with colours  

Adding colours to your living room is a perfect way to introduce positive and cosy vibes. Colours add liveliness to the environment and help you create a fresh look. If you love earthen shades and natural hues then go for the Acacia Distressed Finish Console table.  Pretty trinkets, lamps and artfully decorated showpieces can create a cohesive and splendid look in your living room. Want to go all experimental with bold colours? Our Classic Chrysanthemum Ceramic stool will make your task easier by illuminating your surroundings with pure beauty and colours. 

4. Cast mesmerising spells through Fragrance 

A living room should not only look beautiful but also smell heavenly. Scented candles create an aura of calmness that helps one relax and enjoy moments of happiness and joy. Some elegant candle wares like Tea Light Candle Holders with their fine artwork never fail to create magic. The soft glow of these candles makes the ambience feel more intimate and welcoming. Diffusers are another option if you are someone who loves continuous fragrance in your house. Flower Diffusers are popular these days and can instantly lift your mood. Through its beauty and pleasant scents, diffusers and scented candles can transform your living room.

5. Antiques that reflect the splendour 

Vintage artworks and accent pieces can definitely add a touch of bonafide luxury to your living room while also giving it your distinct touch. In addition to making your living space look radiant, these decorative pieces are truly reflective of your personal style. Our Classic Blue and White Temple Jar is one iconic piece that is great to transform your interiors into something magnificent and truly beautiful. 

These were 5 simple ways to cosy up your living room and transform it into a space that is beautiful and truly your own.

Show us your how you used these tips to freshen up your living rooms! Tag us @thedecorkart on Instagram and we'd love to feature you on our social media channels.

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