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Contemporary or Vintage: you choose!

Contemporary or Vintage: you choose!

We explain how to figure out the decor theme that would suit you the best. At the heart of it - decorate your home the way you like it, there are no rules in decorating.
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Contemporary or Vintage: Which Theme Would You Prefer?

Home décor begins with thoughtful choice of elements. However, the theme guides the mélange. While it is challenging to stick to a particular theme, however, for a desirable coherent and cohesive look, a décor theme is a must. We have put together two themes along with elements: Contemporary and Vintage.

1# Contemporary Home Décor

This interior is welcoming. Less clutter and darkness bring the desired comfort. The style is good for traditional home and apartments. The modern and in-vogue elements make for a contemporary style. The focus is on color, space and shapes for sleek and fresh look.


Contemporary style is marked with ample use neutrals, black, white and blue. The palette is accented with colors that contrast the neutrals. Bold colored elements like this bull sculpture gel perfectly with walls painted in neutral.

                     Contemporary Bull Sculpture
                               Contemporary Bull Sculpture – Add to Cart

Wall Art

The choice of contemporary wall art depends on where it will be placed. Kitchen is the heart of any home. It is most used but often ignored when it comes to décor. Wall art can find its place over the counter-tops or on the space above the cabinets.


           Contemporary Animal Wall Art
                             Contemporary Animal Wall Art – Add to Cart


Bedroom is place to relax. Lively wall art elements that protrude from the wall are gaining popularity. Abstract pieces, landscape photographs, can also be considered. 

          Contemporary Wall Art

       Contemporary Wall Art – Add to Cart     

Do not forget the bathroom! Contemporary artwork is increasingly finding its way here too. Bathroom art is often chosen in pairs. A set of two stacked side by side enhances the looks manifold.

Other Elements

Several other ideas could find their place on the table, in the kitchen, bathroom, or the living room. What about this tissue holder as décor item?


                      Contemporary Chinoiserie Tissue Holder

2# Vintage Home Décor

This style is enigmatic! This home décor style involves an intentional use of antiques and elements to create the feel. A key aspect of this style is involvement of a large number or décor elements.

Element Placement is Crucial

Vintage décor style calls for careful placement. Every element has to placed thoughtfully without causing any obstruction. The approach is based on a specific period or era. The use of a specific color emboldens the. These hand-painted blue and white elements are a perfect for table.


                     Vintage Porcelain Hen & Rooster Set
                          Vintage Porcelain Hen & Rooster Set – Add to Cart

The elements draw motivation from designs of that era use colored glasses, ample use of metal in the base. This Oriental timepiece will time-travel your guests to that era. The green colored glass body mounted on cupric base is the perfect clock design or vintage looks.


                     Vintage Vase Chroniker Clock
                              Vintage Vase Chroniker Clock – Add to Cart

Elements Look Aged

Whether it is wall art, furniture or containers, they should look distressed and show the effect of time on it. Although elements may have patterns but they can’t appear like something new that just comes out of the manufacturing unit wrapped in cover. The pieces appear aged, are chosen and placed carefully to give a new lease of life to space. This piped frame vintage wall art showing world map appears one-two century old.


          World Map Collection
              World Map Collection-Add to Cart


This industrial light is perfect vintage style lighting due to its scissor and harmonica design. It a nice fixture for home office or living room décor. The pale-yellow light oozes antiquity.


Vintage Projector Light Fixture

Vintage Projector Light Fixture – Add to Cart

Can a vintage décor ever be complete without a chandelier? No! That’s why we bring, best vintage chandelier from across the globe. This industrial style-ceiling chandelier looks mesmerizing in the living room with its antiquated looks.


          Industrial Style Ceiling Chandelier


Color Unifies Elements

Think of a contrasting vintage décor approach. The contrasting elements light or dark against the walls. If your décor is influenced by the Victorian era velvet color, this vintage alarm clock at table reminds of the old days.


                      Vintage Alarm Table Clock


Where do you think this Victorian mirror top cake stand will fit in your home decorated in vintage style? Well, put it on the table and the burnished colour and raised design entices with in the very first look.


                     Victorian Mirror Top Cake Stand

 Element for Kitchen Décor Too!

This part of home should not be overlooked when adding vintage décor elements to the cart. Whether it is vintage cast iron teapot warmer or cast-iron egg caddy they need your attention.

                                Cast Iron Egg Caddy                           

 Cast Iron Egg Caddy – Add to Cart


How To Decide On A Theme?

Several factors could come into play while deciding on a theme. However, the most important ones are:

  • Existing Setting. The wall color background and other existing elements help to decide which elements to choose.
  • Extent of Change. You can decide to revamp the existing setting altogether and plan the décor afresh. It gives more leeway to pick vast array of elements.
  • Budget. Comforting ambience is priceless! Still, you can decide on all thematic elements or a few handpicked ones.



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