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Hosting Tips for Diwali

Hosting Tips for Diwali

Enhance Diwali gatherings with ambience: clean spaces, candle-lit entryways, fairy lights, and nostalgic music. Add comfort with rugs and cushions for a cozy feel. Decorate with colorful, grand decor and lighting. Organize food and drinks in specific areas for ease, and offer thoughtful gifts to show affection.


Here are 5 Decor tips to keep in mind while hosting your annual Diwali get-together: 


  1. Creating an Ambience: 

Keep it clean and make sure you work your way through corners and clusters. Entryways decorated with large candle holders encircled with the flowers from Mogra to Marigold. Subtle fairy lights and aroma candles lined along consoles laden with runners. 

Don’t forget to play your favourite ghazals and old Hindi music to add that touch of nostalgia and warmth!

  1. Cosying up Your Space: 

Be it a Cards party or a family dinner, it becomes the host’s responsibility to make sure everyone feels relaxed and at home. In addition to the usual upholstered bits, set up comfortable rugs and small mattresses set on pellets. Allow for cushions and ottomans to take over the usual empty spaces so that everyone sits together comfortably. 

  1. Decor and Lighting 

Specific corners, such as the centre coffee table, the console in the lobby or the side tables in the living room should reflect grandeur. Create clusters of blue and white pottery, urns with big flower arrangements or a pair of hefty lamps to fill the room with a warm glow. 

Don’t shy away from playing with colour, with splashes of antique gold with colourful decor with Victorian or Oriental motifs. 

  1. Food and Drinks 

A Diwali Do is incomplete without food and drinks. However, to make the experience even more tempting, organisation is essential. Allocate specific corners for food and drinks with decluttered displays of sweets, snacks and appropriate serveware for the main course. Specific corners would allow your guests to bond as well as move around to feel like they’re truly at home!

  1. Gifting

This time of the year brings the perfect opportunity to display your generosity. Elevate your get-together even further by curating thoughtful care packages. Whatever your budget, you can experiment around with candles, handcrafted traditional brass, or luxury crystalware embellished with handwritten notes as a way to express your love and affection. 

Explore more gifting options here: https://thedecorkart.com/pages/diwali 

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