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7 Colour Ideas for Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces: How to Create a Cohesive Look

7 Colour Ideas for Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces: How to Create a Cohesive Look

Choose neutral shades for flexibility in kitchens and dining, pair with vibrant art for contrast. Opt for bold colours and minimalist furniture for a statement look. Subdued earthy tones offer a classic warmth, while rich deep colours create intimacy. Luxurious golds and silvers add opulence, contemporary greys for a modern feel, and pretty pastels for a relaxed atmosphere. Enhance with colourful accessories, appliances, and furniture for a cohesive, vibrant space.

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Let’s Keep it Neutral

Let's go with neutral shades for our first example. Neutrals are always a good choice for kitchen and dining spaces because they are calming and relaxing. They also go well with any other colours, so if you ever want to change things up in the future, it will be easy to do. You can pair neutral walls with vibrant oil paintings to create a lovely contrast.

Big Bold Colours

For our second colour scheme, we're going with something a little bolder. This palette is perfect for those who want to make a statement in their home. The strong colours like red or orange will create a powerful look, and the overall effect is both stylish and modern. Bold colours are best paired with minimalist furniture like accent tables.

Subdued, Earthy Tones

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, then subdued, earthy tones are ideal. These colours are classic and timeless, and they will give your kitchen and dining spaces a warm and inviting feel.

Rich and Deep Colour Tones

These tones are perfect for those who want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in their home. Rich and dark colours like emerald or even maroon is ideal for this, and they will make your kitchen and dining spaces look extraordinary. Pair these shades with delicate figurines to elevate the décor.

Opulent Colours

Gold, silver and copper shades are perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their home. The luxurious colours will create an opulent and sophisticated look, and they are perfect for entertaining guests. Use the colours minimally to give your dining space or kitchen an air of refined elegance.

Contemporary Greys

For a clean, modern and minimalist space, shades of grey paired with colourful home décor is a great choice. This shade is perfect for those who want to cook and entertain in their kitchen, as they are both stylish and easy to clean.

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are ideal for those who want to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere in their home. The soft colours will give your kitchen and dining spaces a calming feel, and they are ideal for family meals.

Besides these tips, here are 3 different decor ideas that help you add colours and vibrancy to your kitchen and dining space: 

  • Add colour with accessories: An easy way to add colour is with accessories. This can be anything from dish towels and place mats to vases and artwork. It's a great way to experiment with different colours and see what you like best.
  • Add colour with appliances and serveware: If you're looking for a more permanent way to add colour, then consider investing in colourful kitchen appliances and fabulous serveware. This is a great way to make a statement in your space, and it can really help to brighten things up.
  • Add colour with furniture: Furniture is a great way to add both function and style to your space. Consider using colourful chairs or comfy ottomans to really make a statement.

These tips should help you get started on your project. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can easily create a cohesive and colourful look in your kitchen and dining spaces.

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