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Colour and Chaos: How to Style Your Space Wes Anderson Edition

Colour and Chaos: How to Style Your Space Wes Anderson Edition

Embrace the Wes Anderson aesthetic for a personal touch: think symmetry with pastel and bold hues, unique accessories, and eclectic furniture. Add character with printed dinnerware and ambient lighting for a cozy, nostalgic space.
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Trends around minimalism are colliding with a natural inclination towards colour and decorating your space with decor reminiscent of stories, memories, gifts, and an overall expression of personality. The Wes Anderson Style has superseded its name and come to form a trend resonant with fuller yet organized spaces, colours that mismatch in the most pleasing manner, and a symmetry that grows on you. Beyond the Instagram-worthy reels, here’s how you can experiment with the Wes Anderson aesthetic:

  1. Symmetry:

Giving each corner a sense of wholeness. Think pastel paisley lamps with a splash of character in the form of accented wall plates, or antique wall shelves with artifacts and books in varied colours. Each segment speaks of a unique story. Alternatively, you can also play around with similar hues and tones from lavender purple, pinks, and dark blues, to bottle green and rust.

  1. Accessorization:

Playing with obvious elements but giving it your own unique personality is as Wes Anderson as it gets. Switch the utilitarian bland crockery for printed dinnerware. If you don’t want to go all out, routine bowls and mugs can be easily played around with. Ultimately, it’s about adding bits and pieces of character here and there without going overboard.

Dinner Set - The Decor Kart

  1. Furniture and Prints:

Segments of your space can be devoted to contrasting colours with curated accessories such as antique globes and eccentric artwork. A dark brick wall styled with contrasting armchairs, chairs along with utility that looks like it’s been brought from centuries ago.

  1. Lighting:

Lighting is key to transforming any uninviting impersonal space into a cozy, personal one. Despite its otherworldliness, Wes Anderson's aesthetic speaks of a warm space with ambient shadows mixed with natural light. Bedrooms with darker toned wallpapers with symmetrical wall sconces with tiffany lamps will give your home an element of nostalgia it needs.

Ignoring the technicalities, the Wes Anderson style is just another way for you to bend the rules according to your personality. Fearless use of contrasting colours, prints, and addition of quirky elements styled in specific corners is what defines this expressive aesthetic.


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