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How to Decorate Your Dining Table?

How to Decorate Your Dining Table?

Life's a party, but most days are pretty ordinary. Don’t wait for special occasions to take out your fancy dinnerware - instead, make every meal memorable. In this post, we’ll share some ways in which you can make your dinner table a center of attraction without breaking the bank!

There is no special occasion to decorate your dining table. You can make it look beautiful on any day. In this post, we’ll share some ways in which you can make it a center of attraction:

1# Keep Fresh Fruits

You can make use of fresh fruits to decorate your table. If you have been using ordinary jars to put apples, oranges, grapes,and other fruits, think beyond. With these home decor products your dining table will surely be a centerpiece:

Fruit Platter
Serving Platter - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Serving Trays & Platter

The best thing about going for a platter is its openness. Once you have kept it on the table, you can easily keep the fruits on it without causing any damage to them. No one likes to take a scarred apple, and with use of platter, you are ensuring that there are none. Besides, it adds to the style as well. However, you should be careful about the diameter of the plate. It should not look too big or tiny and the fruits should not come out of it once the arrangement has been done. Pick a large or small size based on the area of the table. 

Footed Bowl
Footed Bowl
Image Source: Decorative Bowls

Why should you buy a footed bowl? Well, it all depends on the theme of the room and your personal choice. If you want to have decor which looks classic and comes with narrative artistic influences in great designs, a footed fruit bowl is what you need. You can neatly arrange the fruits and your guest will not have to learn to pick one, because of the added height of the foot. But the one which has ventilation make sure that fruits in it get air from all the sides and they are fresh for long.

Decorative Bowl
Decorative Fruit Bowls
Image Source: Decorative Bowls 

For those who prefer simplicity, normal oval bowls are there as well. With the flat surface, you should not worry about the bowl getting toppled while arranging the fruits or when they are being picked by your guests. Again, the choice is yours as if you’re looking to buy one for decor. Include them in the list of home decor items.

2 # Put Some Candies and Nuts

If you can’t have fresh fruits on the dining table every day, there are other things that you may try. What about nuts and candies? They are a great alternative to the fruits as they are inexpensive, non-perishable as well. Include nut bowls or candy bowls in the home decor ideas.

Nut Bowls

Nut Bowls - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Speciality Serveware

They are available in a set of 2 or 3. Depending on the variety of dry fruits available you can choose the different variants. There are various kinds of shapes and colors available as well and you should be careful about picking one if you are conscious about the theme of the room.

Candy Bowls

Candy Bowls - The Decor Kart
 Image Source: Candy Bowls 

You have just returned from international sojourn and have got some exotic candies and chocolates. If you don’t have bought a candy bowl for your dining table, time is now. You can go for a one like the bird bowel or some other shape which looks good on the table. Put the exotic candies that you got on the table and your guests will surely praise the presentation and the candies as well.

3# Decor with Indoor Plants

If you are a nature lover, you can use fresh plants to decorate the dining table.  Pick two or three plants in a beautiful vase to keep at the center of the table when you are searching online home decor.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plant - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Home Garden 

They should be small and should not create clutter. There are many varieties of plants which need minimal care and you don’t have to water them regularly either. Carefully chosen indoor plants can keep the environment fresh and cleanse the CO2 as well.

Vases with Flowers

Vases with Flower - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Decorative Vases with Flowers 

You can pick seasonal flowers neatly arranged in the vase for the same effect. You can choose succulents. They are thick and are capable of retaining moisture. They do not need too much maintenance and hardly need regular watering. Greener ones look better inside. Then there are mosses which can purify the air by taking in the pollutants and converting them in oxygen.

Flower Vases
Decorative Vases - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Home Decor Vases  

If are not convinced by the idea of having plants, you can consider going for vase only. You can pick a ‘drip vase’ or the ‘forest vase’ or ‘leaf vase’ as well. However, if you believe in keeping things simple, you can opt for a ceramic vase as well.

4# Candles Lights

Candle Light - The Decor Kart

Image Source: Candleware

Yes, you can keep candle holders on the table as well. There are numerous traditionally shaped candle holders that can give your table truly vintage look. For larger tables, you can consider buying more than one as well.  Invite your guests to dinner and lit the scented candles. Your visitors will surely remember the candlelight dinner for a long time to come!

Candle Holder

Candle Holder - The Decor Kart
Image Source: Candle Holders 

Now you are ready to get the best products for home decor and you can get all of them in our site. While you are busy thinking about how to make your meals and dinners special for the visitors, we’ll make sure that you have the best decor products to make it memorable.

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