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Quiet Luxury: How to add an element of Grandeur to your home

Quiet Luxury: How to add an element of Grandeur to your home

Invest in timeless, versatile decor blending old and new for a luxurious space. Opt for natural light-reflecting colors and add elements like kilim rugs and abstract art for a rich, personalized ambiance.

Decor that speaks for itself, as if it’s been styled and thought of by the most acclaimed designers and architects. It’s all about investing in the right pieces-versatile, timeless, and a perfect mix of old and new. Here’s how you can lace your space with affluence without breaking the bank:


  1. Living Room: Down to the basics, a constant colour palette is a must. Don’t go for the obvious greys, rusts, and beiges. Rather opt for colours that would reflect natural light perfectly, giving an illusion of an open space. Mouldings on the living room wall with contemporary wall sconces, a hefty coffee table full of books and neutral furnishings is typical of any naturally luxurious space. Elements of colour can be added through bottle green or dark burgundy velvets, kilim rugs, abstract artwork or even disguised storage.

  2. Hallways and Dining: These two spaces can set the tone for an appearance of thought and attention to detail. Consoles with bookends with a pair of statement lamps against a regal painting. Dining rooms with panelled shutters to demarcate space as well as use of candle holders, and chandeliers are elements that would stay relevant a long time while adding much needed grandeur.

  3. Bedroom and Study: This is where personality would  meet luxury. Bedside lamps with leaner lamp shades and marble fittings, quilted settees against the bed for additional storage are fuss-free yet transformational additions to any minimal bedroom. For your study, banker lamps, and individualistic decor like chess pieces, or shelves with second-hand vintage books and sculptures would perfectly capture personality and a sense of acquired taste.

  4. Wall Decor: Beyond mouldings and wallpapers, abstract art with monochrome theme, cluster of botanical prints, wall plates around vertical paintings, mirrors against consoles in the hallway, would keep the space luxurious and creatively inspiring.

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