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Selecting the Right Platters and Glassware

Hosting Essentials: Selecting the Right Platters and Glassware

Elevate your hosting game with the perfect selection of platters and glassware. From formal dinners to casual gatherings and themed parties, discover how the right serving essentials can set the tone for memorable events.

Hosting a gathering, whether it's a small family dinner or a large festive celebration, requires careful consideration of many details. Among these, selecting the right platters and glassware is crucial for setting the tone of your event and ensuring your guests are well catered to. In this guide, we'll navigate through the essentials of hosting accessories, focusing on platters, drink glasses, cocktail glasses, and glass sets to ensure your event is both memorable and stylish.

Selecting the Perfect Platters

Platters are more than just serving dishes; they are a reflection of your style and attention to detail. Here's how to choose the right ones:

For Formal Dinners: Opt for elegant, larger platters that can hold a substantial amount of food. Materials like fine porcelain or glass can add a touch of sophistication to your table.

The Airin Gold & Glass Serving Tray: a chic and elegant accessory, its gleaming gold frame and clear glass base are perfect for sophisticated entertaining.

The Crystal Glass Rectangular Serving Tray: a minimalist yet elegant piece, featuring sleek lines and subtle gold accents for a touch of refined simplicity.

For Casual Gatherings: Choose platters with vibrant colours or unique designs that can make your casual meet-ups more lively and inviting. Durability is also key for these more frequent occasions. 

The Handcrafted Hanlin Wooden Tray: a rustic, circular piece with a unique handle, ideal for serving with a touch of artisanal charm.

For Themed Parties: Themed platters can be a fun addition to your party. Look for designs that match your party's theme to add an extra element of excitement.

The Mayfair Rectangular Serving Tray in White: an exquisite piece adorned with soft floral and bird illustrations, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Choosing the Right Glassware

The right glassware is essential for serving drinks and can greatly enhance the drinking experience. Consider the following:

Drink Glasses: For everyday use and casual gatherings, look for durable and versatile drink glasses. They should be comfortable to hold and suit a variety of beverages.

The 'Bubble Bliss' Embossed Glasses: a set that dazzles with vibrant, jewel-like bubbles, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your favourite beverages.

The Tumblers Retro Crystal Glass: a clear, ridged design cinched with a copper band, blending modern clarity with a touch of vintage charm.

Cocktail Glasses: When hosting more sophisticated or themed events, the right cocktail glass can elevate the experience. Choose glasses that fit the type of cocktails you plan to serve.

The Bormioli Rocco America '20s Cognac Glasses: a set of six, capturing the spirit of a bygone era with their elegant ridges and robust stems, perfect for a refined sipping experience.

Glass Sets: A matching glass set can unify the look of your table and make even simple gatherings feel special. Consider glass sets for both everyday use and special occasions. Matching glass sets for unified table aesthetics


The right platters and glassware are key to hosting any successful event. They not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of your gathering. By selecting items that reflect the occasion, your style, and the needs of your guests, you can ensure that your event is both enjoyable and memorable.

Explore our collection to find the perfect hosting essentials that will elevate your next event.

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