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DIY Father's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make for Their Dad

DIY Father's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make for Their Dad

Discover fun and creative DIY Father's Day gift ideas that kids can make. From handmade cards to custom picture frames, these projects are perfect for showing dad how much he’s loved.
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Crafting DIY gifts for Father's Day is a wonderful way for kids to show their love and appreciation for their dads. These handmade gifts are not only thoughtful but also provide a fun and creative activity for kids. This guide will present several DIY gift ideas that kids can easily make, along with tips to personalize each gift.

Handmade Cards with Personal Touches

Handmade cards are a classic and heartfelt way for kids to express their love. Kids can decorate the cards with drawings, stickers, and personal messages to make them special.

  • Materials Needed: Colored paper, markers, stickers, glue, and scissors.
  • Instructions: Fold a piece of colored paper in half to create a card. Let the kids draw pictures, write messages, and decorate with stickers. Adding a small personal photo can make it even more special.

Rustic Charm Wooden Wall Cabinet - 3 Drawer: A beautiful storage solution for dads to keep their handmade cards and other treasured items.

Custom Picture Frames

A custom picture frame decorated by the kids can make a lovely gift. It’s a great way to display a cherished family photo.

  • Materials Needed: Plain wooden picture frame, paint, brushes, stickers, and glue.
  • Instructions: Let the kids paint the frame in their dad's favorite colors and add stickers or other decorations. Insert a favorite family photo to complete the gift.

Splendid Birds on Black Strawberry: A decorative piece that can complement the custom picture frame on any shelf or table.

Decorated Mugs

Kids can personalize a plain mug with special designs and messages for their dad, making his morning coffee more enjoyable.

  • Materials Needed: Plain ceramic mug, ceramic markers or paint, and an oven.
  • Instructions: Let the kids draw or write on the mug with ceramic markers or paint. Once done, bake the mug in the oven according to the marker or paint instructions to set the design.

Dizzy Red Classic Coffee Mug: An additional stylish mug for dad’s collection, perfect for his favorite beverages.

DIY Keychains

Creating a personalized keychain is a simple yet meaningful gift that dads can carry with them everywhere.

  • Materials Needed: Shrink plastic sheets, permanent markers, keychain rings, and an oven.
  • Instructions: Kids can draw a design on the shrink plastic sheet, cut it out, and bake it to shrink it down. Attach the finished piece to a keychain ring.

The Tray Tailed Cat Sculpture II: A quirky and charming addition to dad’s desk or shelf, complementing the DIY keychain.


Personalized Recipe Book

Kids can compile their dad's favorite recipes into a personalized recipe book, complete with their own illustrations and notes.

  • Materials Needed: Blank notebook, markers, stickers, and printed recipes.
  • Instructions: Help kids gather and print out their dad’s favorite recipes. Let them decorate the pages with drawings, stickers, and personal notes. Bind the pages together to create a custom recipe book.

Olive Cheese Fruit Board: Perfect for dads who love cooking and entertaining, this board can be used to serve the dishes from the personalized recipe book.


DIY gifts offer a special way for kids to express their love and creativity. These handmade presents are filled with personal touches that store-bought gifts can’t match. Whether it’s a decorated mug, a handmade card, or a custom picture frame, these DIY ideas will make Father’s Day unforgettable for any dad.


What are some easy DIY gifts for kids to make for Father’s Day?

Handmade cards, decorated mugs, custom picture frames, DIY keychains, and personalized recipe books are all easy and meaningful DIY gifts for kids to create.

What materials are needed for DIY Father’s Day gifts?

Common materials include colored paper, markers, paint, plain ceramic mugs, wooden picture frames, shrink plastic sheets, and blank notebooks.

How can I make a DIY gift more personal?

Adding personal touches like drawings, messages, photos, and dad’s favorite colors can make a DIY gift more special and meaningful.

Are there any safety tips for kids making DIY gifts?

Always supervise younger children when using scissors, glue, paint, or an oven. Ensure that all materials are child-safe and non-toxic.

Can these DIY gifts be made with items around the house?

Yes, many DIY gifts can be made with common household items and basic craft supplies, making them accessible and affordable.

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