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Back on the Menu : Hosting a Post - lockdown Dinner Party

Back on the Menu : Hosting a Post - lockdown Dinner Party

It may almost feel like an eternity since the last time you had fun at the dinner table with friends and family. Well, happy days are here again. Here’s to intimate conversations, delicious meals and fun times with our loved ones. To host the perfect dinner parties in style you need a delicious menu and the best presentation. Pair it up with arrangements ranging from opulent glassware, table décor, and elegant furniture and you have a winner! Confused about where to start from? Follow this guide to create magic and memories, all at once.

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Make the seating comfortable

The golden rule of dinner parties is a relaxed seating arrangement so that you can spend more time talking and celebrating. Cane armchairs with cushioned seats and a cane backrest will sort all your problems. It is always a good option to keep your food and drinks alongside the main dining table. A table cart will allow you to enjoy the party hassle-free. Making the guests feel comfortable can let you enjoy a party and will double up the joy!

Set up a beautiful Table

A beautifully decked up dinner table plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and vibe. Add a new dimension to your table by using chic and colourful placemats which will add texture and grace to your entire setting. Make the table look luxurious with trendiest coasters such as Pattern Tile Coasters and iconic trivets that makes serving easier for you. If you are fond of natural beauty then consider placing your favourite fresh flowers in pretty vases which will brighten up your entire table décor.

Add some bling

Lights are a key to spreading love and happiness since they glow up the surroundings. When you are in doubt about what will work the best, try spreading some warmth through lights. Table lamps are best at creating magic and look the best when placed on any of the side tables around the main arrangements. To set the right mood, you can also use aesthetic candles ware will help you impress your audience. Aroma candles and lantern tea light handle holder form an ultimate combo for your dinner party!

Serve it with sophistication

People eat with their eyes first and it is absolutely essential to serve your food beautifully. For intimate family dinner parties, serve it all in style with fine buffet casseroles. If you love artistic serveware for your guests then use unique square plates for the main course and add sweetness to your add dessert with crystal embossed bowls. This magnificent serveware will not only elevate the taste of your food but also become a conversation starter earning you plenty of compliments.

Drinks mean fun

Delicious cocktails and marvellous mocktails are one of the most significant parts of dinner parties that can keep your guests happy. Whether it is some sangria, lemon punch or iced tea, it is always important to serve it up in style. Glass beverage dispenser is a practical and good-looking way of enjoying spill-free parties with lots of drinks and music. Bring out your exquisite glasses like Crystal Tattoo Highball Cup to mesmerize the gathering with your drinkware choice on more formal occasions. These arrangements will definitely keep the glasses of your guests full all night.

These were some of the latest tips that to help you become the perfect host for an amazing dinner party. Always remember, that the secret to being the perfect host is to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family and have lots of fun yourself! 

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