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Affordable Mother's Day Decor Gifts

Affordable Mother's Day Decor Gifts

Discover affordable and stylish Mother's Day gifts at The Decor Kart. From miniature potted plants to decorative table clocks, find the perfect present to match your budget and her taste.

Elegant Decor on a Budget

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to strain your wallet. The Decor Kart offers a variety of chic and affordable decor items under ₹500, ₹1000, ₹3000, and ₹5000, making it easy to find something beautiful and meaningful. Here are some great picks from each category:

Gifts Under ₹500

Elegant Ceramic Vases

Choose from a variety of "Elegant Ceramic Vases" that offer a stylish way to display fresh flowers or stand alone as decorative pieces.

The Royalty Bud Vase adds a touch of regal elegance to any space with its delicate design featuring vintage motifs and an ornate portrait. Perfect for displaying fresh blooms or dried flowers, this vase enhances the beauty of its contents, making it a sophisticated accent piece on any table or shelf.

Styling Tips: Pair the vase with seasonal blooms to create a vibrant centerpiece for her dining room or living area.

Mother’s Day Message

"May this vase fill your days with beauty and freshness, just like you do in our lives."

Gifts Under ₹1000

Miniature Potted Plants

Delight her with "Miniature Potted Plants", perfect for adding a touch of greenery to her workspace or windowsill without taking up much space.

The EMOJI - Faux Potted Succulent offers a playful and vibrant touch to your décor, featuring a charming pink planter adorned with a whimsical face. This faux succulent requires no maintenance, making it a perfect and cheerful accent for any desk, shelf, or windowsill.

Styling Tips: These tiny plants can be placed in her kitchen, on a floating shelf, or as a table centerpiece.

Mother’s Day Message

"Bringing a little piece of nature to brighten your day just as you brighten mine."

Gifts Under ₹3000

Sophisticated Picture Frames

"Sophisticated Picture Frames" in elegant designs that can encapsulate her cherished memories in style.

The Olive Photo Frame is a charming combination of natural warmth and artistic flair, featuring a rich, textured wood frame adorned with a graceful olive branch in metallic finish. This frame not only preserves your precious memories but also adds a touch of organic elegance to any room's decor.

Styling Tips: Create a gallery wall combining these frames in various sizes for a personalized touch to her favorite room.

Mother’s Day Message

"To capture and display our favorite moments, for a mom who makes every second count."

Gifts Under ₹5000

Decorative Table Clocks

Select a "Decorative Table Clock" from The Decor Kart, which combines functionality with sophisticated design, perfect for her office or living room.

The Classic Angel TableTop Clock combines delicate beauty with timeless elegance. Featuring a sculpted angel reading beside a richly ornate clock, this piece is finished in pristine white with intricate detailing, making it a captivating addition to any table or shelf decor.

Styling Tips: Place this clock on a mantel or in her study to add a functional yet stylish accent.

Mother’s Day Message:

"To the mom who always makes time for us, may this clock remind you of our time together, always precious."

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