'Dragon' Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Display Plate 9.5"


Cinnabar is often used to describe a Chinese style of carved, red-coloured lacquer. Carved lacquer was introduced in the Orient first in the 14th Century during the Ming dynasty.

The Cinnabar range of Display plates and vases are products of a rare form of art. Many successive layers of lacquer would be applied to a wooden base structure until the surface could be carved into complex geometric or figural forms. Red has long been associated with good fortune in China. The strikingly royal hue of the Cinnabar range will make it a focal point for your decor and a conversation starter when you explain how the product is made and its rarity.

Representing power and vitality, the flying dragon cinnabar display plate can be placed inside the home for good Feng Shui.

Diameter - 9.5"

(All Dimensions in Inches)

Package contains a plate and its display stand.

cinnabar: ˈsɪnəbɑː/ - a bright red mineral, sometimes used as a pigment.

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