'Aristocrat' Blue Glazed Vase w/ Gilded Stem Lid - Medium

The Glazed Grandeur Collection - high gloss ceramic objets d'art. Bring in the spirit of the Mediterranean, captured here in our extravagant,high gloss ceramic pieces. The vase features a unique shape and the cast iron branch lid adds to the lustre! The soon to become heirloom piece works equally well in a traditionally styled home and a chic modern home. The urn looks just as fabulous atop a rustic-reclaimed wood centre table as it does on a sleek glass console! Consider clustering it with similarly coloured vases or mix and match with varying sizes and hues for a look that is cohesive and unique.

Diameter - 20

Height - 35

(All measurements in centimetres)

Material - Ceramic

Colour - Blue

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