Avalokiteshvara - Decorative Display Plate


Avalokiteshvara, the most important of the bodhisattvas leads us to realise that everything that has happened in our lives whether directly or indirectly is the result of our aspirations. We create our own reality.

Avalokiteshvara: The Vision of Selflessness - Sitting on the spheres of sun and moon supported by a blossoming lotus, Avalokiteshvara, the 'bodhisattva of great compassion' wears the silk robes and jewelled ornaments of a bodhisattva, a celestial being who returns to the world to bring others to the realm of enlightenment. Two hands hold against his heart a wish-fulfilling gem, a symbol of the minds enlightened potential for a great compassion. His other hands hold a crystal rosary and a lotus of transcendent wisdom.

The plate exhibits a graceful round silhouette which is accentuated with gold detailing across the surface making it a majestic piece to adorn your tables or cabinets.

Diameter - 10"

(All Dimensions in Inches)

Material - Ceramic

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It’s so beautiful

Nice product, quality is good... Bahut pasand aaya meri family ko.

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